20 Medical Plants That Will Change Your Life Forever

20 Medical Plants that will change your life forever Since from the Beginning the Ayurveda are very helpful for the society and has been used for the cure of the many diseases also use to help the body functioning properly following are the list of some plants that help to keep the body functioning properly.

  1. Coriander (धनिया)  Coriander includes the substances of gastric mucosa and the intestines which help to keep our digestion level healthy and coriander often used as decoration to a prepared dish it is good as well as tasty as served.


  1. Aloe Vera (ग्वार पाठा) Aloe Vera generally used for the skin problems as mask and face wash but also it has many more antioxidant properties too that help to keep our body healthy and fit as well as it is used for many problems like arthritis, kneecapping problems weak digestion etc.


  1. Cinnamon (दालचीनी) Cinnamon often used in spices as a taste enhancer but most of the peoples do not know the medical properties of it. It is used commonly for curing anti-gassing and poor digestion and as well as for the weak stamina too.
  2. Valerian Valerian is the small pink flower plant as it is beautiful to look it is also very helpful for health purposes too it is naturally used for the anti-stress as it has anxiolytic properties that help and keep on enhancing the central nervous system.


  1. Chamomile It is a widely used herb the basic use of this herb is to dehydrate the body and to manage and stimulate the appetite it is also used for the anti flamotory conditions and too also used for skin hydration etc.


  1. Rosemary Rosemary is a small herb and has many properties for the heath basically this is used for the migration issue and also used for memory losses, Low immunity, and even reduce rheumatic and joint pain.
  2. Watercress as its name so as its properties too as water is anti-inflammatory and so the watercress is anti-inflammatory properties also is used for the oral thrush, Gingivitis and skin issues like Acne it also helps in digestion and smooth coughing.


  1. Arnica has anti-pain properties and widely used in creams and Balms for pain relieves, rheumatic pain and tendinitis it is also very helpful to use for acne and Boils.


  1. Ginger (अदरक) We count the ginger both in the herb and the spices too but it is very useful it has many health properties like it is used for a cough, Weak digestion, heart problem, pain relievers, stomach ache etc. also ginger is readily and easily available.


  1. Lavender Lavender has many properties mostly we see Lavender is used as the scent but it has also health properties for the skin although it is also used to fight lack of appetite, coughing, breathing, Bronchitis, Burns, and Migraines.


  1. Guarana is a fruit cum flower and rich in caffeine theobromine and used to cure the problems related to a central nervous system and also making it effective against stress and also benefited from the body as well.
  2. Cloves (लौंग) Clove is a very useful herb it has a variety of usage and can also be easily findable in any home it is most commonly used in dentists in analgesic and antiseptic and also used for swelling and inflammation.
  3. Peppermint A herb which is strong in smell and natural so much and so it has beauty and health hacks most commonly we see peppermint flavor candies toffees and so many other products but it is also good for Fatigue, Lever, Gas, Inflammation and digestive problems.
  4. Marigold (गेंदे का फूल) A flower which commonly sees everywhere we use it many occasions of decoration and for worship the gods but most of us don’t know the medical properties and benefits of Marigold that includes treatment for Light burns, sunburns, Acne, Fungi, and Rashes.
  5. Cymbopogon citrates (Lemon Grass) a common vegetable or say herb as we use the lemongrass in vegetables for garnishing and sometimes in flavor but it has some medical properties which are fighting with Anxiety, Gatiss, Stomach Aches, Analgesic etc.


  1. Eucalyptus is very useful for health problems that are related to Respiration system and Respiratory problems like Asthma, Bronchitis, it is also effective lowering fever and fighting the sciatic nerve pain.
  2. Garlic (लहसुन) A common vegetable with loads of features and uncommon and natural uses garlic is a boon for peoples suffering from heart problems and garlic is also used to fight digestion problem, low appetite, low sperm count, reduced stamina and it also used to cure the skin problems like flat warts and acne too. It is also used to lower the cholesterol level and boost the central nervous system.
  3. Bay leaf (तेज पत्ता) Bay leaf is widely used in curry and so many other sabzie’s to enhance the flavor of the spices used in the recipe but it has some medical properties too other than this that include Curing the Muscle Problem, Relieving pain and bruising etc.


  1. Tamarind (इमली) Tamarind is much tasty to eat and we see it is full of Vitamin c content and also favorite of the children but it also has some wide properties relating to health that includes treatment of infections caused by fungi.


20. Licorice (मुलेठी) Licorice a sweet chewy stick herb that is most commonly used for the problems related to lungs and cough and other health benefits of this is that it is antibiotic anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.

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