7 Tips For Hair And Skin From The Doctor of Katrina And Anushka

7 tips for hair and skin from the doctor of Anushka and Katrina Skin and hair problems are the common and natural problem that occur to everyone nowadays The pollution is increased so much in last decades so that the problem of skin and hairs are also increased the celebrities to have that kind of issues.

We often don’t believe everyone who told us about our Skin or Hairs related issues because of these two stands out the most noticeable and important part of our body and beauty. However is I say this is the recommended by the celebs or some celebs use this product actually we often may believe on that and kind starts to use that product so here I came up with the list of solutions provided by the Doctor of Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif (Dr. Jewel) for their hair and skin issues

  1. Acne if acne is your issue then this might be happened due to the high usage of dairy products which can simulate the sebum glands in your face and make the skin to create the proper space for storing the oils and clog into your pores and which leads to ultimately the Acne.

The basic solution of this is to avoid so much oil dairy foods and make them consume only when necessary or as required u will see the results would be effective.

  1. Eat Vitamin (C) Rich Food According to the doctors Vitamin C is the essential part of our body that helps to keep skin tone even and helps skin to look good and gloom and as well as it works as a moisturizer for the skin issue like roughness, Infection, Dryness and Dead skin that was caused due to Low PH level of the skin. Vitamin C also works as an anti-occident for your overall body that helps to keep you fit and fine and protects your hairs from damage too.

The solution of this is to include the Vitamin C rich products in your daily diet like Include 2 glass of Orange juice daily or 1 piece of Amla etc.

  1. Avoid sugar Avoid too much sugar in your diet. As we know that some people are addicted towards the sweets and they just can’t control it but according to the doctors Consuming too much sugar not only affects to your body internally but also affects to your skin too it is like the slow poison for the skin Consuming the excess sugar would lead us to glycation a process that spoils our skin internally and affects its tissues excess sugar consumption works as the slow poison for the skin.
  2. Hair Loss A common problem we see nowadays is hair loss. This is the growing problem, of last decade it affects almost every 3 out of 5 peoples of the world many more advertisements are runs on the TV to prevent the hair from hair loss and hair loss treatment and so on but actually nothing could tell us why this is caused. Our hairs need Protein Vitamins Minerals and Omega 3 to grow and due to lack of that factors we generally affected by hair fall it did not happen due to stress but due to our poor diet process.

Not this as well In the most of the Women hair fall happens due to the deficiency of iron so please women’s start eating the healthy leafy greens like Spinach and green vegetables as soon as possible. To prevent yourself from hair loss.

  1. Skin Lightening     If you are suffering from the dull skin or has your skin has lost the brightness then you must start the use of cucumber and Papaya and while Papaya is the best therapy for this it is the best anti aging therapy and also prevents you from the harmful elements and chemicals that are used in bleach and other beauty products it also helps to repair the damage skin cells and keeps your skin fresh and gloomy however it is also used for the dark circles and for skin masks the best results come when you use Papaya along with the aloe vera.
  2. Grey Hair Normally grey can’t seem very often seen but when they grew much they are highly noticeable Grey hairs can be major issue for the girls again the problem of grey hairs do start with the deficiency of iron levels in the body and also the B12 level so please keep the B12 level tested regularly and so as the iron levels.

7. Vitamin E Vitamin e comes as a boon for the skin and as well as hair loss it prevents you from the lots of problems like skin aging, hair damage, hair thinning, hair loss, uneven cuts in the hairs and as well as the various skin issues like dryness, Fungus, and Dead skin naturally the wealthy source of vitamin E is Sun but not everyone is that free to take a sunbath for that person’s Vitamin E capsules are also available in the market.

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