Oragns Without Which You Can Still Live

ORGANS WITHOUT WHICH YOU CAN STILL LIVE In an human Body there comes the multiple organs and parts of the body which come in function together some of them are essential for life and while other of them are not but that does not mean they are useless they are needy as well as other parts but without them a Human can still survive they are the essentials ones but they are not something that is necessary even if they come in pairs or not while some of the parts of the body like heart, brain etc. are essentials for survivals but we have picked up the list of certain parts which are not essential.

  1. Bladder is the part of the body which helps to store the urine before we release it outside and after the intestine have released it from it but on some occasions bladder may be removed from the body when there are necessary changes in the body occur and we started feeling that there is need to remove the bladder outside the body then it may be removed as it has no sense so our body would feel nothing if it is removed the changes in the body can be they type of Bladder cancer, Neurographic Bladder (when the nervous system affects the bladder control) and that is then needed for the Bladder to be Removed sometimes other body parts attached to Bladder like lymph nodes or uterus, ovaries or other body parts like vagina.

It is not so changed your body when the Bladder is removed actually it does only create a checkmark as when the bladder is removed it makes an Indiana pouch to be fitted and then every 3-4 hours you had to create a checkmark that you had to empty your pouch and the life will go normally.

  1. Kidney We often hear the incident that one kidney has been removed and people still live with one kidney. Actually there is a pair of kidney inside our body if one is removed another one is still u can live upon the basic function of the kidney to process the waste and throw out it or we can say it is the final check of the body of what body needs to keep and what it don’t so if one kidney is removed or donated people can also live on one kidney, however, a pair of kidney would results you in effective digestion and filter system whereas if one is removed there might create a checkmark on the filter system and you have to eat then cautiously and with care to not burden the single body part.
  2. Lung Alike kidney the Lung is also the essential body part of the body that comes in pair so if one is removed most probably due to lung infection por lung cancer One can still live with the help of other one in that case breathing may be difficult but not impossible surveys says that when one lung is removed people can remove 35% more air than the normal case they exhale when in case of two lungs also The breathing in that case may be hard with some of the cough but possible as the other one works properly.
  3. Appendix is a very small part of the body normally does not have any clear-cut answer that keeping appendix in the body is good or not that means is that useful in the body some of the searches say that Appendix is the extra part of the body and have not any clear usage while the recent searches said that keeping the Appendix in the body is helpful as it keeps the bacteria away from the body although some the recent searches also said that it also helps to keep the intestine system healthy


  1. Stomach With some weight loss surgeries and for the aggressive stomach cancers and infections there may be a chance of removing the stomach at all Normally the function of Stomach is to absorb the Vitamins and  jump start the Digestion by mixing the food with acids that break them down while when the stomach is removed from the body the surgeons connect the esophagus directly to the small intestine where u can still eat the solid food but to avoid some of the food that causes more time to digest and also solid in nature and also will be able to take solid food only in small quantities to avoid the “Dumping Syndrome.”
  2. Reproductive organ While the Reproductive organ is the Essential part of the romance life of the Couple but it is not mandatory for the body to keep it On a study it is revealed that by removing the reproductive organs there would not be any impact on the love and sex life of the Women having just one of the testicle removed does not affect the sex life as much On a research it is found out that only one testicle is necessary for producing the sperm that is necessary to drive the sex life on the rocks.

7. Spleen The Spleen is the important part of the body as it is very much important in case of Blood Purifying System this plays Directly as well as indirectly part to purify the blood but however due to some time it may get damaged or diseased for that reason it is important then to remove the spleen out from the body This may be due to Blood disorder, idiopathic, thrombocytopenic purpura. As It plays an important role for the immune system of the body so if the spleen is removed from the body peoples are more likely to get sick very early so the people have to take certain vaccines time to time to keep the immune system work properly and keep the body away from the bacterias and infections.

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