Some of The Strangest Food Fact Around The Globe

SOME OF THE STRANGEST FOOD FACT AROUND THE GLOBE People everywhere are always fond of food foods of different variety foods belongs to different society food represent different culture foods shows different religion foods also speaks different languages and foods represent different continents and subcontinents all starts with the food and also the delicious food is easy to find as it always spread its aroma to everywhere but at this post we are not going to actually talk about delicious food or food tech we are going to talk about the some of the strangest incidents that are related to our delicious foods these are.

  1. TACO Bell becomes TACO Liberty Bell After buying Liberty Bell Liberty Bell is one of the greatest symbols that represents America’s Independence and Culture TACO Bell when first introduced on April 1996 I.e. on April fool day it has buys The Liberty Bell that gave it a huge push regarding its business and goodwill it has also renamed itself as TACO Liberty Bell but after times TACO Bell actually revealed the truth and donated 50000 dollars and gave real reasons of advertisements.
  2. Onion as A charger For iPhone This is the most searched news of the year 2008 a boy in a university named Owen Louis has claimed that he has charged his iPhone by applying it on an onion soaked in Lucozade Some of the scientists also believe it to be true as he has followed the basic principle, as well as media, gave him huge publicity by giving the reason that this is economic and home made easy way to charge your iPhone.
  3. The PINANA As its name the food is also a difference as this is a combination of BANANA and PINEAPPLE that is why this seems to be a crazy combination as this seems crazy it also feels crazy to Britishers in 2009 when British Supermarket Waitrose actually announced about it.

But this was announced on April Fool day with a message contains An Exotic fruit giving the images of PINANA as a newly launched fruit gave actually the rumored and funny content as Waitrose actually said after launching the PINANAS that they all have been sold out.

  1. Tenement Nuts (Walnuts of Cement) In 2013 there was a rumour spreading around the Globe that china Fraudster are Supplying or Exporting the Walnuts that contains the concrete chips and they have glued the Walnuts from outside and this was a great rumour spread all over the world like a fire and for that news the prices of walnuts gone outrageously as compare to last decades that is 350 yuan to 20,000 yuan.
  2. The Popcorn Hoax Phone in the year 2008 there was a series of viral videos found on the web showing the peoples who hoax the popcorn with the help of heat of their phone. This video has gone viral and generates so many hits and was trending too for so many times eventually a Bluetooth manufacturer co. admitted that it has staged everything.
  3. The Strangest Ice Cream Ever A well known Co. Subway has huge range of products in FMCG Industry one of its food is ice cream but 2017 Subway made the Bizarre in its ice Cream range when it launches the Range of Subzero ice cream that contains the flavours of Tuna, Chicken tikka, Meatball marina, but unfortunately that ends in Fraud and nothing reportedly discovered as the advertisement was fake.
  4. The Alcoholism of Blogger’s Rich lifestyle As social media rices we find that it was easy to attract the people around the globe that is what exactly happened with the French model Louis Delage who made her fame in a very short span of time by adding pictures of his luxurious living but at the end it was revealed by Ad management Co.

ETC that this was just a campaign to highlight that how easily people overlook the alcoholism as Every picture of the model is wit the wine in hand.

  1. Helium Cola On April 2017 the Coca-Cola has Proposed to Launch its new drink Coca-Cola with Helium Flavour twist that flavor has the same fizz as the other coke flavors have but with an extra twist as any person who takes it his voice would automatically change in Squeaky volume with a whole new pitch.
  2. The Wine Fraud The biggest wine fraud of the decade happened in the year 2014 in California Where Rudy Kurniawan has been sentenced to jail for 10 years with a fine of amounting $28.40 million against the fraud amount of rs. $20 million he has been discovered by police as he was copying the vintage label of Wines and placing them on cheap bottles of wine and to sell them in an auction for higher prices he himself alone has sold the one of its fake wine in an auction of 2014 for $24.70 million.
  3. Wendy’s meal With a human finger One of the conspiracies has come to news as Wendy has got the Human finger in his meal this was discovered by a lady Anna Ayala whose dinner become horrified as she discovered the finger in Wendy’s meal but further wendy claims to give $10000 reward if claims to be true. After all in a police investigation it was revealed that claim is known to be false and finger was one of the relative of Anna Ayala, the women sentenced to jail for 9 years and the person whose finger was found sentenced to jail for 12 years as they have also pleaded guilty and had accepted their guilt of making the conspiracy to defame the company.

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