Things You Should Not Say At Work

THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT SAY AT WORK In Modern days the Offices are the Not just like an orthodox place of work where you can just sit and work all over the day without talking and communicate with each other nowadays many things has come up with Ping Pong Tables, Smoothie Stations, Food corner, A little Mess etc. and also the casual dress code thanks to these all things that makes us to look lighter while in the office too but things are not changes that we are in office moreover these things are better to talk with persons or should I say with your colleagues in the office and this also allows you to exchange the ideas with each other in the office but at this point we need to keep maintain your professionalism too not just to maintain your dignity but also to respect your colleagues that you should not say anything you are going to sorry for. Here is the list of somethings that I have only for you.

  1. You Look Great In that Dress

Although this is the great compliment for anyone which also works for pleasing your opposite sex but this is not in the case of office environment as you are on an Island or in a no man’s land then you must have heard about the cases of Sexual Harassment at workplace which is just grow big in last several years as the talking in loud with the Opposite sex and also stalking and passing the compliments that mean for the comments or sence of little or more sexual harassment is intolerable at work place as this is the good news for the Everyone but also the bad news for the someone’s like predators and if you don’t want to be one of the predators you may have to avoid that such thing.

  1. That’s what she said

Although it is good to be and behave as just funny and joyful and blossoms while this is not funny at all if you said that that’s what she said or something like that that might be pleasing for the opposite colleague or may be related to any kind, colour, idea etc. but saying that to applied while using sexual contention also intends to sexual intentions this might be awkward to somebody when it comes to an office environment it might be offendable to some of the office personals it is not comes to anyone that they would react to it as there or not but you might get the notice of your colleagues that you are interested while they are discussing any thing or any idea and might that time thinking about something that is not that much related to there.


  1. We have done it in that way

Sometimes the saying that might be true but are not professional in your work environment while you are discussing on something and suddenly you just say that we have done it in that manner just show you that if you are discussing in that way that shows you that you are egoistic on something  and also not give good impression on your colleagues and one more thing this conversation stops the ideas and the flow of anyone so that your boss might don’t pay you attention like he was paying you before and sometime he might start searching for the options who can do it in a different ways.

  1. I Can’t

One of the most common words that you will hear of is I Can’t I Can’t is not just a word but also a statement saying it means you are not denying the work but you are not interested or not capable of doing that work however some people give explanations for saying i can’t that i can’t as it will not fall my area of work or I can’t as it is not something that I have been assigned to or many but Dude this don’t matter at all While you can’t just say that i will do it for every work instead of saying I can’t as it is unprofessional and Questions on your ability to perform the work you can just say to other person using the words that You are good in that than me and also I have to learn so much about this work from you so why don’t you do it. It may not create a bad impression on your boss and also praising someone is a kind of motivating that one to do that work will count on you as your leadership quality.

  1. Are You, Serious

On Everything that comes to you some people are habitual of saying Are you serious even when there are serious discussion going around the table Dude just don’t say it when you know that you are discussing something on a round table with professionals on topic with proof in hand on facts known to you please don’t question Are you serious as it will not develop the interest in talks or you may think of getting attention of other in talking or discussing something but actually you get noticed by someone with the intent that this Dude is not actually listening for the solutions but actually can’t believe on the problem or can’t find the solutions and instead interested in the problem phase.

The other ones might think that it is a kind of the joke when you are discussing this for the rumor or something like fun and memory but not on professional Table.

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