Top 8 Strangest Things in World

TOP  is ANGST THINGS IN WORLD We often sometimes something that is surprising or that left us in Surprise after we see it or watch it or hear about it and these things happen every time and every day in the world some of them are unsolved and some are unbelievable we see them as a miracle as a coincidence or whatever name you give them but these things are happening every day some of them are collected here that happen in the world so here we go.

  1. Mike the Headless Chicken The headless chicken you might think that chicken must be dead but no we are talking about the chicken who is alive the poor chicken who lived after his owner had cut his head just a 5 month old chicken it survived after the axe had strike and pulled back from his head the axe has removed most of the part of its head but leaving the jugular vein and some part of its mind that is necessary to keep it alive and his owners have made him alive for the next 18 month with an intention to earn money by exhibiting him here and there and they keep feeding him milk and water through the dropper.
  2. The Youngest Mother We have often hear about the things that a girl got pregnant at very little age after marriage and the girl gave delivery to a child at the age of 14 but this is the case of a 5 years old mother yes this is true a 5-year-old girl had become the mother of the healthy child and also gave birth to him. Lina Medina was born in 1933, is the youngest confirmed mother in the medical history she gave birth to a child at the age of 5 years 7 month and 21 days she began menstruating at the age of 2 year and gave birth to child at very less age ever recorded in medical history this may seem to be impossible for everyone who hears about that but yes it is true the identity of the child and the father of the child is not revealed due to moral purpose.
  3. Anti Pervert The chinese Fashions is always cause fury one of the example of that is the over makeup sometimes due to avoiding of something they can make or create something looks very embarrassing one of the example of that is hairy stockings this method has been introduced to avoid the chances of stalkings rapists and watchers during the summer the method actually seeks that the hairs would apply on the open body parts like legs and arms and when stalkers watch them they actually feel yak but this is not the condition actually is the reality is this method actually draw more attention.
  4. The Barbie Girl Yes we hear that name actually it is the most popular name for girl child they just love barbie girl but what is strange about the strange thing is if I tell you have you ever hear about the human Barbie Girl, No well you must have then because it is the most trending topic since 2012 yes this is true the human barbie do exists she is a Ukrainian and her name is Valeria Lukyanova although the model claims that her appearance is 100% Natural but It’s evident that she has gone through the multiple body surgeries to achieve such a figure.
  5. The Rabbit Island Many of us may have to hear the name of Okunoshima, Japan the Island of the Rabbit this is very famous in and all over the world the specialty of this island is that it is full of rabbits the origin of this Island story is This Island has been used by Japan to test the gas and chemicals they used against china such as poison gas etc. the military use the rabbits for that purpose and when the all have been done they left all rabbits free so the hundred of rabbits has grown themselves in thousands and that could bring attention to the world to go to this Island.


  1. The Best Spy In the World Yes u may think that I am going to talk about ByomkeshBakshi or the Sherlock Holmes but no I am going to talk about a Gentleman who has been a spy and his height is 58 cm only.

His name is Richebourg the actually secret of his success is lie between his height so that he can design himself as a baby to easily cross the enemy lines and to gather the information.

  1. Animal Can also be Specific handed A very curious question whether there exist the animals with left-handed work then the answer is yes they do as well as people, animal do exist that are left handed  this actually happen as their muscle of left hand would grow proper as more than their right hand however the research reveals the shocking truth that more than 50% of the chimpanzee are right handed and rest are left handed.

8. The Dog With Blue Tongue Yes as it seems funny but this is not there do exist a dog breed in the world that have blue tongue According a Chinese legend the story behind that blue tongue is that there was a dog breed they actually love the night and hated the night so one night they start licking the sky when it was blue and dark in night to actually get over from the night and to start the day so the god then awarded the breed with Bluetongue.

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