Best 10 Countries to Visit

Hey, are you looking for a Long weekend or a Honeymoon Trip? Looking for a family trip or planning a vacation to somewhere outside India. So before selecting any deal look at our post here, we would tell you few counties in the word which are worth visiting. Let’s see –

  1. Australia – it is also known as Land Down Under. You will see more diversity in this country as on the one side if it has beaches then on the other side it has mountains, if there are theme parks there are ski resorts too, It has Vineyards along with wildlife. Go for Opera House in Sydney, enjoy at Great Barrier Reef, have fun in Kangaroo Island. This is all made this place worth visiting.


  1. Spain – Spain is also a worth visiting city if you are going to plan your vacation. Barcelona’s Food in Spain is worth tasting if you go there. Festival of Spain like La Tomatina, Running of bulls is also must watching there. If your planning for Spain Plan in April for Best Weather.



  1. Switzerland – Switzerland is also known as Swiss Federation. Here you will find a lot of Glacier-carved Alps, Lakes and Valleys. When it comes to visiting q outside India Switzerland in one of the best choices. Matterhorn Zermatt, Chateau de Chillon Montreux, The Jungfrau Region, Swiss National Park Zernez, Lake Geneva etc are few worth visiting places in Switzerland.


  1. South Africa – South Africa can also be one of the best options to choose for planning a Trip outside India. Table mountain is an attraction of South Africa. Cape Town is one of the reasons why South Africa has been added to the list of Top 10 Countries. Kruger National Park is also the highlight of the country.
  2. Italy – Italy is well known for Pasta and is also known for beautiful people around. Sunbathe of Riomaggiore, Naples, Italian Lake District, Cinque Terre etc are some places one must visit while going to visit Italy.


  1. France – France has been most popular country throughout the decades. France is also known for romance. It’s culture, Romantic environment, amazing landmarks has added to its beauty. So if you planning for outside India you can think of adding the same into your list.



  1. Greece – Greece is the country of Islands. Greece is known for Ancient Ruins, Mountains, and Islands. National Park at Zagori in Greece is a place one must think of. Crete, the largest island of Greece is also the attraction of the country.


  1. America – America is also a worth visiting place. America also has few parks one can think of going to with the family. The Catskill Mountains, Georgia’s Golden Isles, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, California, Antelope Arizona, Kenai Fjords Alaska etc are the places to visit in America.



  1. New Zealand – If you are fond of adventure then New Zealand is placed you can choose for going. New Zealand is also a Dream Destination. Here you can enjoy the best burger at Fergberger. If you want to go fishing go to the Bay of Islands, Milford Sound, Christchurch, White Island, Queenstown etc are some of the best places which can be visited in New Zealand.


  1. Thailand – Thailand is famous for its Food. Bankok is one of the famous places comes while it comes to Thailand. Buddhist temples are also one of the attractions in Thailand. When it comes to Visit places in Thailand Chiang Rai, Pai, Phanom Rung, Railay, Khao Sok National Park etc can be chosen.



  1. Turkey – Turkey is the place where you will find mosques, majestic castles, and natural wonders will be found in plenty. Soho House is a newly built place in Istanbul at Turkey. Ankara capital of turkey is also a worth visiting place. Few more places you can think of are Mardin, Konya, Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum etc.


  1. India – India is also one of the Best Places in the world to visit. Here you will find the different type of places to visit. Most popular Places contain Kashmir which is also known as Switzerland of India. Here you will find the Taj Mahal one out of seven wonders of the world. Beach of Goa, Crowd of Mumbai, South Indian Food are some of the stars of Indian Culture.
  2. Japan – Japan is also the best country which needs no introduction in today’s era. Here you will find the Buddhist Temples. If you want to chill at the beach go for Ishigaki. Hiroshima, a place well known for atomic attack during Second World War is a place in Japan which is full of Peace. Here you will find Peace Park, Peace Memorial, Peace Memorial Park.


  1. Canada – Just because of its welcoming nature Canada has been added to this list. Calgary, Ottawa, Whistler, Vancouver Island, Quebec City etc are few places to visit in Canada.


  1. Morocco – This country has the ability to provide visitors an experience of Ancient Culture, Sunning on beaches or Snow skiing in the mountains. Sidi Ifni, Rabat, Meknes, High Atlas are the places one can visit there.

Hope this information is useful and you can plan your vacation with more effectively.


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