Top 10 Android Apps That Control Windows 10 From Your Phone

10  Android Apps That Helps You to Control Your PC Remotely

Nowadays as Business and our day to day life is getting so fast and so Busy we may try to get all our data and our all Personal Info. in One Click and for that we need to have something that helps us to control our Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Close to us and what is the best way than Smartphones Yes, it is correct Smartphones And google Helps are there to control your PDA online remotely Surprised How? Here I will Tell list of few Which are available on Google Play store that can help to Control your PC Remotely taking in Subject the personal Computer Let’s Start List of Tech.

Top 10 Android Apps That Control Windows 10 From Your Phone

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is just and to Z Solution if we talk about PC the best go-to apparatus to complete work on a Windows framework remotely across the table and location utilizing an Android cell phone. It needn’t Disturb/Harm with any product establishment on the remote structure until that very Product runs on Windows and you know how to arrange Remote Desktop.


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

For Google Chrome Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the kinds of program augmentation to get a PC in Mac or Linux desktop effortlessly and safely from any Android gadget. This makes any Chrome client give remote help or access a remote PC over the Internet utilizing Google Chrome program on various working frameworks directly.

  1. MK802 III Remote

MK802 III Remote just like the DroidMote yet another Application on Google play which can be used to play physical amusements/Games with the help of G-sensor and further to introduce the application and make it available to run on Android devices and handheld gadgets window PC or Mobile phone running on Android OS. There are different elements additionally other than diversion playing Mouse Function and Remote Control Mode.

  1. Splashtop 2

Now as we move forward here comes the another App Splashtop. It’s a safe remote control tool that gives absolute access to applications, audio and video records, diversions and more on the remote PC. It’s anything but slightly complicated to set up a control association utilizing its Splashtop Streamer on the remote PC.

  1. Team Viewer

If you’re Looking for an across the table remote control arrangement, at that Point TeamViewer is the item you’re searching for. It gives amazingly fast and safe access to PCs via cell phones. The mechanism allows you or the group of your’s to get access to any framework remotely, provide the online assistance to clients and regulate unattended PCs or servers crosswise over various stages. One more advantage of it is that it also Allows you to share the files across the Devices.

  1. DroidMote

DroidMote is another Android App which is another way to use ur Phone to Connect to the PC which can be utilized to play games or Recreations on windows with Smartphone just like as Joystick mode. With the help of the DroidMote App, you can access and Control your Android devices, Windows phones and gadgets, and Linux operating software gadgets from the ease of your comfort zone by sitting apart from the device. One is a customer which must be introduced to control a remote Android, Windows and Linux gadget and other is a server which is utilized to control a remote device.

  1. iPlay Remote

I play remote as its name suggests is a cushion application can actually change the setting of your Android telephone in a typical gaming controller. You can play differently of the type of games also in different versions on your Window PC with the help of this. This app will truly appreciate playing games, driving and different recreations with play remote cushion Android App. this app comes with the no. of different type of versions and uses some of them also includes game direction, mouse, console, gaming pad and it can be used as the intense programming monitor.


  1. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer another Google Product which is good and Safe to use application from RealVNC (pioneers of VNC itself) that gives you moment remote access to your PCs or servers from anyplace utilizing your Device. The working of the application is based on setting up and securing the reliable cloud connection with one node to another node that allows us to connect two PCs without any extra or systematic Arrangements.

  1. Monect Portable

One more free app that provides you to control your devices and pc from the net or blue tooth is Monect Portable. In That many more of the of Parts exists there, for example, Racing Mode in which you can play driving diversion with your telephone utilizing G-Sensors over WI-Fi or Bluetooth, Explore Device Files with your Cell Phone, Joystick Mode enables you to use your Phone as a stimulator to appreciate gaming Experiences, for example, road contender, and so forth. There are Bunch of different things that you can do with this App other than playing recreations on windows based framework.

  1. nJoyLite

A lite variant of the Gaming experience in support of the Joystick form to push the gaming experience a new and fresher look that incorporate constrained elements and incorporate media control is nJoyLite it also includes web webbing, and information about content alternatives, an effective efficient and straightforward to utilize mouse controls, and that is the only the tip of the iceberg. You can actually without any worry associate your Android Phone with Computer using Wi-Fi cloud association and efficiently play amusements on the extra large screen with nJoyLite App


If you gotta know about any android app other than that mention above please let us know and feel to discuss and ask anything about tech and tricks we will be happy to get your replies and seeking for your comments.

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