10 Best Selling Smart Phones

In the Era of technology, everybody needs something Unique and Best to use when it comes to their Smart Phone. Smart Phones have now a day’s become the part of life, beginning from Whatsapp to Facebook, Youtube, Games and many more. There is the tough fight in the market now in terms of Smart Phones. Every brand is trying to provide the best quality features with the optimum price range. Every buyer has its own taste and requirement of features for Smart Phones, so when we choose any smartphone we look at those features along with the unique features being provided. Today here we have discussed Few Best Smart Phones along with their best features which can be considered while going to purchase new Smart Phone –

  1. iPhone X – As the Brand so the Product. iPhone X is the best Phone Launched in 2017. Apple has used its A11 bionic chip which makes the performance of this iPhone X tremendous. One of the Main features of Apple’s product is Face Lock which has been provided for the first time. iPhone X has Infinity Display and apart from that this iPhone does not contain a Home Button as used be in its earlier Versions. Camera Quality and Better Battery Life has made this Product Best in 2017.


  1. Google Pixel 2 XL – Another Smart Phone which is being added to our list is Google Pixel 2 XL. The reason why we have listed the Phone is its Camera Quality which is awesome having a 1440*2880 pixel resolution. One more which made this phone worth buying is software which is directly being provided by Google itself. Google has challenged the smartphone market through this Smart Phone.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung is well known for its Smart Phones and Galaxy S8 have also proved this. Infinity Display with Cutting Edges made this Smart Phone look awesome. Samsung has not only worked on the looks This Smart Phone is itself best in terms of Specifications too. A long battery Life, quality of camera with a 5.8 inches Screen made this phone worth buying.


  1. OnePlus 5T – In the competitive Market of Smart Phones Oneplus 5T has also successfully made a Place in Best Smart Phones. Few Features which are being liked in this Smart Phone is Edge to Edge Infinity display along with a Dual Set of Camera having a Portrait Mode. It also provides a Face Loker and more over the Prices are Comparatively low among the other Smart Phones of this type.



  1. iPhone 8 Plus – Although iPhone 8 Plus has no more additional Features if we compare it with its earlier version but still it is one of the best and worth buying Smart Phone in terms of feature comparing to Other Brands. As per the need of young Generation, it has the best Camera Quality and to make performance better apple has used its A11 bionic chip in this product too just like iPhone X.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8+ – As Samsung Galaxy S8 this Smart Phone of Samsung is also rich in features but the basic difference between two is the Screen size. Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2Inches Screen. So if money is not a problem and you need a big screen and a Smart Look you should go for Samsung Galaxy S8+



  1. Honor View 10 – This Smart Phones Huawei is one of the Few Smartphones fulfills the need of customer looking for a Smart Look Phone. In terms of Performance it is somewhere equal to Oneplus 5T but in terms of Battery and Camera, it is better than this. This Phone is also affordable if we talk about the price range.


  1. HTC U11 – Now in the list of Best Smart Phones it comes to HTC U11. This Smart Phone has broken all records in terms of Specifications as this Smart Phone is featured by 6BG RAM with a Internal storage of 128 GB. Due to this specification, the performance of the phone is super fast. Moreover, a Considerable Camera quality has been Provided.


  1. LG V30+ – Reason, why we have selected this smartphone, is Dual Back Camera with 16 X 13 MP qualities and a 5 MP front camera. Other Specifications are just same as the other Brands are providing. So if u are looking for a Smartphone with rich camera quality you can sort list this Smart Phone.


  1. Mi Max 2 – This Smart Phone Xiaomi is competitive with HTC U11 in terms of Specifications as This Phones also have the 6BG RAM with a Internal storage of 128 GB. Although this Phone provides a Long battery life still it lacks in terms of Camera if compared to like products other brands. But still as compared to others brands this Smart Phone has its own stand in the market.

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